9 weeks puppy

Everyone who sees a Leonberger puppy is delighted and there may be a desire to buy such a “bear”. This is not a “bear”, but a very large and strong dog from the group of watch dogs. He is a wonderful, beloved dog, devoted to his family, under condition that he is  firmly and gently trained  from the beginning. It requires setting boundaries and proper socialization.

Leonbergers are a giant breed. This is a very large dog that is expensive to maintain (nutrition, vitamins, supplements, healthcare). Veterinary costs result from the weight of the dog and the bigger the dog, the bigger they are. It is important that prospective puppy buyers are familiar with all the breed’s pros and limitations and that they are completely confident that they can meet a dog’s care and well-being needs throughout their life.

I’m a big dog 🙂
Family dog

The Leonberger is a family dog ​​and that means he wants and should be with the family. It is best if he lives at home. He should not (like other pets) be alone for 9 hours while his family is at work or school. Wanting to be with his family, he accepts the inconvenience of travelling, so when planning your vacation, plan it with your dog.

Leonbergers love water. Splashing in the puddle, wading through the shore of water reservoirs and swimming is their force of nature. They like to play with a garden hose, which sometimes makes it difficult to water the garden. You have to accept their love of water, and it makes no sense to get upset about a happy, dirty and wet dog resting on the carpet at home.

Wonderful bath

Dogs of this breed have the so-called double coat with a lot of undercoat, which they loose twice a year. From the collected undercoat, enthusiasts spin wool, the so-called chiengora. Such wool can be used to knit many things, for example: sweaters, socks, hats, etc. Leonberger fur requires care and combing, at least every two weeks, so it does not become tangled. Leonberger hair is clearly visible especially on darker suits and coats.

Puppies get to know the world organoleptically, sniffing, licking and putting everything in their mouth. And when something falls into the mouth, it can land in the further part of the digestive tract. So make sure they only have access to safe things they can chew. Of course, it may take a while for a puppy to realize what they can and cannot chew. During this period, several shoes may no longer be worn. Various things were found in the stomachs of young Leonbergers. Often, consumption of virulent items ends up with costly surgery. Adult Leonbergers are usually calm and distinguished, but as puppies they are bursting with energy and can do a lot of damage while playing. They like to “help” in the garden and the same bush has to be put into the ground several times, and the smaller flowers are crushed with their large paws.

Like all puppies, little Leonbergers have to take care of physiological needs frequently. It takes time, patience, consistency, and kindness to teach a toddler to do things outdoors. This means that you let it outside very often during the day and night.

The owner of a Leonberger should not be pedantic, there will always be sand on the floor in the house, dirty walls and fur in the refrigerator. He loves to shake himself off in the house after wet muddy walk, straight on the owner and white clean walls. However, he compensates for these inconveniences with a great deal of love and joy. Leonbergers are very cheerful and affectionate dogs.