Characteristics and temperament

Leonberger is a dog with a friendly nature and gets very attached to his people, wants to follow them everywhere. It’s a powerful dog, with ave-inspiring posture and at the same time of a gentle nature without any tendency to dominancy. They are social dogs, friendly to people, but will stand up for their human family if necessary. Having his family close, he is happy and calm, Leonbergers do not tolerate loneliness well. You can pet him as much you wish, he loves it very much. They show their happiness
in a very enthusiastic way, sometimes forgetting their size.

Leonbergers work very well as a child’s companion, they are very friendly and caring for children. However, it is important to allow them to be together with each other and under the control of adults, because sometimes dogs lack delicacy. They are big and strong, so they can knock down a child. Due
to their nature, Leonbergers are used in dog therapy.

At exhibitions and gatherings they impress with their calmness, proud attitude and the fact that they can lie in close distance next to each other. Leonberger is an excellent watchdog. His ability to judge situations and human intentions makes him a wise, not noisy guardian who will surely let you know with his loud voice that someone is coming. An impressive appearance is enough to scare the unwanted guest. Fear and aggression of the stranger can activate a dog’s defensive instincts. Strangers after being introduced at the presence of the family member are accepted and welcomed. Leonbergers instinctively establish and maintain the territorial rights of their household. They like to lie in a strategic place where they can see everything that comes and goes, keeping an eye on their family and their belongings.

Leonbergers are relatively healthy breed, although they are not completely disease free (more information in the HEALTH tab).

When you invite a Leonberger into your life, you take responsibility for his education so that he doesn’t become dangerous to others. Leonbergers are known for their stability. Usually they have a high tolerance for even noisy and chaotic situations that would be very stressful for some other breeds. They should be trained with positive methods. The basis to achieve the perfect family and guard dog is the early and solid socialization of the puppies. They are very teachable, but the excess repetitions make them bored quickly. You have to remember that Leonbergers are lazy dogs. In socialization, the period from birth
to five months is important, Leonbergers must have contact with different people and experiences. There are lots of activities and places to bring dogs and new owners should expose their new puppies to lots
of stimulus. Leonbergers are long maturing breed and usually behave like puppies until they are two years old. If other dogs already live in the house, it is a mistake to leave a new puppy only in the company
of older dogs, depriving him of the opportunity to develop self-confidence.

Despite their size, they are agile and fit, they take part in agile competitions. It happens that the desire to meet and greet with the audience may be stronger than the need to overcome another obstacle.

The Leonberger is a house dog, although it can live in an apartment as long as it is given long and frequent walks. In the room he spends most of his time lying in his bed or on the couch, and on warmer days, in a cooler, tiled area by the door. Leonberger is a very calm dog, he does not fuss or stalk. His patient, affectionate and generous nature has a soothing effect on his surroundings.