1. Members of the Polish Leonberger Club shall comply with all of the standards, rules and values stated in the Code of Ethics.
  2. The main goal of the Club is the well-being of Leonberger breed. Members of the Club shall keep that goal in mind at all times when buying, keeping, breeding, selling Leonbergers and when participating in dog shows.
  3. Every member of the Club shall safeguard all aspects of well-being of their dogs. Members will provide and maintain the highest possible standards of diet, health, cleanliness and training for all Leonbergers under their control. The care for dogs must be above any concern for the personal and/or financial benefits of the owner.
  4. Members of the Polish Leonberger Club agree to cooperate with and take part in events, activities and actions of the Club.
  5. Every member of the Club shall honourably represent and promote the Polish Leonberger Club and its values and standards
  6. Breeders will breed only dogs that:
    a) are registered with the Polish Kennel Club or other canine organization recognized by the FCI,
    b) meet the criteria of the breed standard,
    c) show good temperament that is compatible with the Leonberger standard and are in good health both physically and emotionally,
    d) meet the criteria for bitches and stud dogs stated in the Breeding Rules of the Polish Kennel Club.
    e) every litter should be planned to improve the Leonberger breed (including health, longevity, physique).
  7. Breeders are responsible for the puppies born in their kennels and to that end:
    a) they are obliged to check each prospective buyer as to his/her intentions for a puppy and his/her ability to give it a safe, suitable and loving home,
    b) if the new owner wants to return a puppy, they must be ready to take back any puppy that is from their kennel and take care of its future well being,
    c) will never abandon a dog or give a dog to an animal shelter nor put a dog down due to any other reason than health problems.
  8. Before breeding Leonbergers, a breeder should be knowledgeable in the areas of reproduction, genetics and the breed’s standard. Every decision about breeding should be supported by a good background knowledge of the pedigrees of bitches and stud dogs, including information about siblings, ancestors and offspring.
  9. A novice breeder should seek advice and support from other better experienced breeders before starting a kennel. Experienced breeders are obliged to give such help.
  10. The breeder has to present the breed: its physical and psychological characteristics, the health and environmental requirements. New owners of a dog should be given written instructions about feeding, further vaccinations, care, upbringing and training. Breeders should inform new owners of a puppy (or dog) about any faults they are aware of in the animal.
  11. Every puppy shall be vaccinated, wormed (according to age), and have chips, certificates of birth or pedigree and health.
  12. Puppies cannot be sold to dog dealers or pet shops, nor sold on markets and stock markets
    or near dog shows.
  13. Members of the Club will not promote or advertise dogs improperly: that is to say, they will not mislead potential buyers about the characteristics of the Leonberger breed, nor will they misinform them about the health or quality of a puppy (or dog), nor hide or fake any information about a bitch, stud dog or puppies. Breeders and owners of stud dogs should present their Leonbergers based on facts (health certificates, titles etc.), in every advertisement on websites, social media (eg Facebook) or in any other form of communication.
  14. The owner of a stud dog can agree to breeding only when they are certain of the breeding quality of a bitch, the environment in which the bitch lives, as well as the living conditions for the resulting puppies.
  15. Member of the Club shall act in a trustworthy, polite, and friendly way towards all members
    of the Club at all times, no matter what form the communication takes.
  16. This Code of Ethics constitutes a standard of behaviour that is expected of every member of the Club.