When admitting stud dogs and female dogs for breeding, we should put emphasis on compliance with the breed standard, stable temperament, health and genetic diversity. We have an obligation to eliminate physical disqualifying defects and consistently strive to improve the breed.

1. All Leonbergers used for breeding must be registered with the Polish Kennel Club and obtain breeding qualifications with the confirmation stamp in the pedigree document in accordance with the Breeding Regulations of the Polish Kennel Club.

2. Prior to mating, breeders are required to ensure that the breeding bitches/stud dog that will mate with theirs dog meets the breeding and health requirements.

3. Age of breeding animals:

a) we recommend that the breeding bitches has her first litter when she is at least 24 months old, and the last one before the age of 8,

b) we recommend that the stud dog is at least 18 months old when used first time for mating. Stud males can mate with no upper age limit.

4. We recommend examin in the breeding dogs hips, elbows and shoulders.

a) hips: we use only dogs with HD-A and HD-B results for breeding.  Breeding bitches / stud dogs with HD-C results not recommended, if so, than only for a pair with HD-A hips. We should not use bitches / stud dogs with result HD-D and HD-E for breeding.

b) elbows: we use ED-0, ED-1 for breeding. We do not recommend to use ED-2. We should cross ED-1 and ED-2 only with ED-0, we should not use bitches / studs with the result of ED-3 in breeding.

c) shoulders: we recommend to use dogs with an OCD-free result for breeding.

5. Testing for polyneuropathy and leukoencephalomyelopathy and laryngeal paralysis – LPN1, LPN2, LEMP, LPPN3 is highly recommended. Breeding recommendations:

  • LPN1 and LPN2

LPN1 N / N – can be used in breeding without restrictions,

LPN1 D / N – can only be used for breeding with LPN1 N / N,

LPN1 D / D – not approved for breeding,

LPN2 N / N – can be used without restrictions,

LPN2 D / N and D / D – not approved for breeding.

  • LEMP

LEMP N / N – can be used for breeding without restrictions,

LEMP D / N – can only be used for breeding with LEMP N / N,

LEMP D / D – not approved for breeding.

  • LPPN3

LPPN3 N / N – can be used for breeding without restrictions,

LPPN3 D / N – can only be used for breeding with LPPN3 N / N,

LPPN3 D / D – not approved for breeding.

6. Foreign Leonbergers used for breeding must meet the requirements of their home Leonberger clubs affiliated to the FCI.

7. Number of litters – in accordance with the Breed Regulations of the Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP) only one litter is allowed per breeding bitch in a calendar year:

a) we recommend at least 12 months of break between the last litter and the next mating of the bitch. If the delivery was by Caesarean section, the interval to the next litter should be at least 14 months. We recommend that breeding bitch have 3-4 litters in her lifetime.

b) a stud dog can mate without limit up to 100 puppies in one country.

8. In the case of breeding bitches / stud dogs lacking M3, the mated dog must have complete toothing.

9. Inbreeding – we do not recommend mating 1st degree relatives. First degree relatives are mother/son, father/daughter and litter siblings, but also dogs from previous and later litters of the same parents.

10. We recommend that each breeding dog should have DNA test.

11. We recommend sending puppies to new homes when they reach age at least 9 weeks old.